Scenography Collection

Set and costume designs, historical and contemporary costumes, props, stage design models etc. We have over seven thousand set and costume designs, the oldest of which are the Jesuit Stage Design from Sopron, which date back to the end of the 17th century, which offer a most unique insight into the visual characteristics of Baroque theatre. The biggest treasures of the costume collection are those worn by the most acclaimed Hungarian actors in hallmark performances of Hungarian theatre history. Actors like Mari Jászai, Emília Márkus, Gizi Bajor and Anna Tőkés, in different performances from the National Theatre. In the stage model collection we preserve the works of the most important Hungarian stage designers: Csaba Antal, Péter Horgas, Péter Donáth, Gábor Forrai, Miklós Fehér, Edit Zeke, Judit Csanádi, Anni Füzér or István Szlávik.